The Cosmopole Comedians are Canadian based Comedians with different ancestry or cultural upbringing who grudgingly embrace their diversity in Canada as a strength with weaknesses.


The Cosmopole Comedians perform in three age categories:

  • Middle-school
  • High-school
  • Post high school and Adult

Each group performs as an independent unit. The most effective comedian in a younger group may be asked to perform as a guest in an older category.

 Typical adult performers are:

  • Asian
  • Black Man
  • Black woman
  • Canadian Man
  • Canadian Woman
  • European
  • Gay
  • Indian
  • Jamaican
  • Jewish
  • Latino
  • Native
  • Others as available and skilled

*The composition of the school performers may mimic that of the adult performers.

Organizational Structure

The structure of the Cosmopole Comedians is designed to allow members to contribute to the development and functioning of the organization. Members should be able to ask their friends and family to invite a gathering in their home to allow the Cosmopole Comedians to practice their act in front of a live audience. Members should also seek to get the assistance of their friends and family to perform for a fee at social occasions like a birthday, Bar Mitzvah/ Bat Mitzvah, wedding, recitals, entertainment events, etc. as the main event or preliminary act.

The organization can also include others for their computer and administrative skills or their ability to promote or solicit gigs.

Training and Support for Fellow Comedians

Educational comedic sessions will be ongoing. Opportunities must be provided for all to have a good practice session to test new materials. Healthy critiquing of the performance by a peer must be part of the structure. This provides feedback to allow colleagues to grow and develop.

Contract and Beyond

All members are expected to sign a contract outlining the expectation, length of obligation and responsibility for proper resignation from the organization.

Movies, Television, Commercials

The Cosmopole Comedians intend to put you in touch with an agent whose job is to use his/her contacts and inside information to get acting roles in movies, television, commercials, etc.


For information or to audition contact us at: or 416 503 0045